Our live 2D events feel like attending a real conference from the safety of home. Attendees have the flexibility to move through the Virtual Conference Center freely. Customize your event to include poster sessions, oral talks, keynote speakers, panels, exhibit halls and more! Add multiple event floors to accommodate up to 800 attendees. 

Virtual Conference Center

The event lobby is where all presenters and attendees will enter. They can check in at the help desk and presenters can practice setting up their ePoster in the speaker ready room. All attendees will be able to navigate to the event rooms via the lobby.

Event Lobby

The ePoster hall is best for poster sessions. The ePoster presenter sits in the orange speaker chair and shares their screen with their ePoster file. Attendees can freely visit the posters as if it's a true live event!

ePoster Hall

The exhibit hall can host orientation events, sponsor exhibitions, virtual interviews, networking events, career fairs, and much more. Tables can fit 6-8 people and there's plenty of space for sponsor content.

Exhibit Hall

The lecture hall is perfect for speaker series, oral presentations, panel discussions, or breakout rooms. Up to 6 people can fit at a table, but when a talk begins, it takes over the screen for everybody.

Lecture Hall

The breakout room map is extremely versatile. Host discussions or workshops, job fairs, networking sessions, or open the space for attendees to utilize during their lunch hour.

Breakout Rooms


Customize your own map with different colors and tables with two to eight seats each.

Key Features

Speaker Stage

Speaker Video Here

  • Multiple speakers can be on stage
  • Speakers can share their screen 
  • Audience cannot turn camera or mic on unless given permission
  • Top left corner shows how many are watching
  • Talks can be recorded
  • Right side panel has chat feature, participants list and a Q&A box
  • Audience can upvote questions in the Q&A box

     Help Desk

  • ePosterBoards will staff moderators at help desks on each floor of the event space
  • Moderators will provide tech support, check in presenters and speakers, and provide instructions on how to use the event space
  • The help desk will be staffed throughout the duration of the event

Bridging Events


  • Sponsor blocks are available on all event maps
  • Clicking a sponsor block opens a window which can link to a website or YouTube video
  • Incorporate multiple event maps into your event
  • With the click of a button, attendees and presenters can move to a different room

Click one of the green buttons to see a bridged event!


  • Each ePoster station or table has a whiteboard
  • Whiteboards can host self-narrated ePoster recordings, images, and/or videos
  • Pre-load content to the whiteboard or presenters can add content themselves


  • Keep the event on track with announcement messages
  • The message pops up on everybody's screen with a bell sound


  • The timer feature shows as a countdown bar at the top of the page
  • It can be set for multiple rounds with a customizable buffer window in between
  • The timer bar turns yellow when time is almost up

I wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal support you provided to our event. Start to finish, you have all been a dream to work with and I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful and thorough approach. It's very clear that your leadership, Kathrynn, brings out the best in your team.

-Amy Levin

MIT Leaders for Global Operations