Individual recording sessions are scheduled with presenters. Our team will assist presenters in getting their ePoster shared on the screen, keep time and manage the recordings. The videos will then be hosted to a webhosting galley for event attendees to browse on their own time. 

Assign all presenters to their own 30 minute recording session window. Determine the presentation duration limit (typically 5-7 minutes).

Step 1

Presenters log in to their recording session with an ePosterBoards moderator. The Moderator assists presenter with getting their ePoster shared on the screen and goes over the session structure.

Step 2

The ePosterBoards moderator begins the recording and the presenter begins their ePoster presentation. The moderator will keep time and give the presenter a 1 minute warning.

Step 3

If the presenter is not happy with their presentation, they can do a retake if time permits. Once the presentation is complete, the moderator will end the session.

Step 4

The presentation recordings are added to the event's webhosting site or the live 2D event's whiteboards so event attendees can log in and watch the recordings on their own schedule. Recordings show the ePoster with a video thumbnail of the presenter.

Step 5